MindFix Case Studies

Everyone loves a great story.
Especially these people.

You’ve seen our results. You understand that MindFix is the farthest thing from too good to be true. But what does transformation look like in real life? Read these inspiring stories to find out. (And when you’re ready for one of your own, apply for MindFix.)

Sarah Mueller

Sarah Mueller: creator of the Decluttering Club

Doubled business revenue, enjoyed national publicity, left the fear of making mistakes behind

Who says exponential growth has to take a long time? This entrepreneur’s story shows that when you get out of your own way, anything is possible.

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Timothy Dick

Tim Dick: VP of Hostgator, entrepreneur, founder, investor

20X'd his investment, finally found happiness, created quick + massive change that didn't take away from his busy life

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a 7 or 8 figure business, here’s a word of warning—even millions upon million in revenue might not make you happy. Here’s the reason.

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Leigh Wadden

Leigh Wadden: President of a thriving ski resort lodging company

Finally got "unstuck", smashed 7 figures, and even found bliss (really)

Still feel unsatisfied when others think you’re “living the dream?” Yes, you can have a better life, even if things are already awesome.

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Kevin Stiffler

Kevin Stiffler: professional mountain bike coach with a doctorate in education

Dramatically reduced stress, embraced fatherhood, learned to love life

We don’t often get taught how to deal with stress when life sneaks up and sandbags us. Sometimes l gets super hard, really fast. Here’s what to do if it does.

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Karyn Blanco

Karyn Blanco: successful entrepreneur

Raised rates, doubled happiness, stopped feeling unimportant

Here’s what happens when you remove subconscious garbage and accumulated stress you’ve been storing in your mind

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Jenny Schell

Jenny Schell: Co-Founder, award-winning design agency

Overcame life-long frustrations, discovered her worth, learned to dream again

If you’re worried a difficult past is getting in the way of your future, here’s some great news—you CAN free yourself from it once and for all. And quickly.

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Chris Schell

Chris Schell: Co-Founder, award-winning design agency

Crushed anxiety around decisions, learned to go with the flow, freed himself to plan for the future

In a world where anything and everything is possible, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what the ‘right’ answer is. For Chris though, indecision was truly affecting his quality of life. Discover how Chris became decisive and confident through the MindFix program.

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