Our Guarantee

The MindFix Ultra-Extraordinary 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Let *us* take on ALL the risk.
Walk away with ALL your money if your experience doesn’t live up to everything we promise.

You want to know you’re making the right choice in choosing us.

You want complete confidence that we’re more than just deeply committed to getting you where you want to go—you want confidence we’ll ACTUALLY GET YOU THERE.

And while we boast a success rate absolutely unheard of in our industry, and while we have a page overflowing with the incredible results our clients experience, you want more.

We get it.

Introducing our Signature Program’s Ultra-Extraordinary Guarantee:

100% Money Back Guarantee
  • If you can honestly state you're not seeing significant, quantifiable improvements in your problem areas, simply request to exit the program and we'll personally issue a refund for your full payment within 2 business days of request receipt.
  • You get to KEEP all materials, bonuses, tools, and goodies you'll have received.
  • You have the right to request a refund at ANY point in the program.
  • We'll refund your ENTIRE payment. (NO pro-rating or partial refunds here.)

There are just 2 simple requirements to qualify for this refund:

  1. You upheld your end of the relationship—meaning you showed up to ALL your sessions and completed ALL assignments given (which are minimal). If you applied yourself fully and you still want out, we’ll refund your purchase immediately.
  2. You’re not experiencing measurable progress in any of the areas you shared you wanted to focus on.  It’s our job to help you experience breakthroughs in these areas, and if progress isn’t being made in any of them, we don’t deserve to keep your money.

How can we possibly offer this guarantee?

In a nutshell, it’s because we’re VERY choosy when determining which applicants to accept into our Signature Program.  We are fast to disqualify prospective clients if we feel uncertain about delivering incredible ROI for them or we don’t get the sense we’d have an exceptional, fun working relationship.

This is why, when we have a post-application phone call to explore fit, we’ll ask you a lot of questions and you can ask us a lot of questions. We want to make sure we all feel exceptionally confident that:

  • you’ll be a GREAT fit for the Signature Program, and
  • we’ll truly ENJOY working together.

We mean it.

We have zero interest in taking your money if we can’t absolutely rock your world. We’ll happily provide a refund if this is the case during your experience with us.  It’s never happened with any client (ever), but we want you to know we stand behind this guarantee 24/7, and you’re fully covered from the moment you commit.