“You are a Vampire-Giraffe”

Yep. A Vampire-Giraffe.

So, question:

If I put this “quote” in cursive and slapped it on a pretty background of a sunset and told you read this 100x/day…

…AND I told you that if you TRULY believed it you’d double your wealth and increase your happiness by 10x….

HOW MANY DAYS would it take until you deeply believed it?



Repeating something to yourself over and over—IF all or part of your mind is already convinced it’s NOT TRUE—is a tedious, ineffective way to change.

Trying to convince yourself of something you deeply don’t believe…

…through sheer repetition…

…is ridiculous.

You have so many other, BETTER, ways to spend your time.

Like eating tacos.


…is to first unlearn what part of your mind is convinced is true, which in turn creates space for more possibility and new beliefs and convictions.

UNLEARNING is the secret tool to rapid transformation.

After all, if you just need more information and strategies piled on top of what you already know, all those books you’ve been reading would have leapfrogged you to the front of the line by now.

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