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What I Ask INSTEAD OF “So, What Do You Do?”

Meeting new people becomes a far more enjoyable, much less daunting endeavor when you simply show up with deep curiosity and a smattering of questions that AREN’T… “So, what do you do?”. The variations of questions I like to sprinkle into my conversations when meeting someone for the first time are ones that, more often […]

9 Years of Massive Guilt Dissolved in 25 Minutes While Sitting on a Bed in a Dark Bedroom

A couple of months ago I attended a personal development event hosted at a private home in Denver. The event wrapped up, and people started leaving. I walked out into the living room and saw a beautiful young woman curled up into a ball, weeping uncontrollably in an overstuffed armchair. I walked over to her, […]

How To Have It All…Without Planning It In Advance.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT, YOU’RE FUCKED. This seems to be an underlying — yet dominating — belief held by SO many people in business. “I don’t know HOW to grow my business to 7 figures…” “I’m not clear on where I’m going to be 5 years from now, so I’m frozen.” […]


Two weeks ago. A Tuesday. Just after 4 p.m. I’m stopped at a red light behind an old, red truck. I’m zoning out, not fully present. I scan the back of the truck in front of me as I hum along to whatever was playing on Spotify. And then out of nowhere (like, literally out […]

What To Do When People GHOST You

In the past 4 weeks I’ve observed my reactions to being ghosted (aka, when someone just disappears on you). Some of the ghosters included: A VERY well known social media guru who’s part of a small mastermind I’m in (trust me, you DEFINITELY know him) who confirmed twice he wanted to schedule time asap to […]

How LOTS of Viagra, Porn + Gambling Improved My Business (AKA How to Lose Pretty Much Everything You Built Over 13 Years in the Span of 72 Hours)

In 2015 I watched everything I’d poured into the marketing of my consulting agency get flushed down the toilet over the span of 3 business days. One day I was running a nationally-ranked agency that was in the top 5 Google results for a massive number of competitive search terms and that received a copious […]

The 3 Words That Help Me NOT Sound Like a Total Bitch

My style of correcting friends, family, loved ones, team members, and colleagues used to be a little… um, shall we say… forceful?blunt?harsh?not very tactful? I’m so straight-forward and to the point, I used to always simply provide the feedback I thought needed to be heard, and then I’d go along my way. “Fix the typos, […]

The One Invisible Thing We ALL Do That Determines the Direction of Our Lives (But That Most People Don’t Even Know They’re Doing…..)

This week an online friend reached out to me when he was feeling suuuuuper low. He wanted to stay in bed, under the covers. He felt awful. He felt hopeless.He felt depressed. So I let him in on the little secret that… —> our emotions are highly dependent upon the thoughts running through our head. […]

How The Lifelong Asshole Who Runs a Multi-Million Dollar Business Transformed Into an OK Guy… In Just 24 Hours

I have a friend in Denver who is a brilliant, naturally-gifted salesman. He works at a growing, multi-million dollar company that’s expanding internationally. And ever since I’ve known him, whenever he’s talked about his company’s owner, he’s called the fellow an Asshole. With a capital “A”. My friend has insisted his company’s owner is uncaring, […]

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