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Here’s What That Badass, Beautiful, Powerhouse of a Businesswoman REALLY Thought of Me…

Last night I found out “the truth” of what had ACTUALLY been going through someone’s mind over the past 18 months. See, about about a year and a half ago I was at this really amazing event. I knew almost NO ONE there. At one point, as I was standing around, drink in hand, I […]

The Realization That Allowed Me To Stop Hating My Body For The First Time Ever

I’ve always drawn a clear line: I can help with nearly any mind/thinking/mindset challenge you have… UNLESS IT’S RELATED TO THE BODY. If you’ve got a body challenge, I send you elsewhere. I’ve never understood body stuff. Then, I had a hit-me-over-the-head-and-knock-me-down realization about my body that looks like it’ll change the direction of the […]

The One Question That Can Uncover Hidden Blocks Preventing You From Experiencing Change, Relief, or Progress

This week, two friends of mine broke through long-term blocks that’d been keeping them stuck for YEARS. The magic question that allowed them to do it was simple. Its power lay in how it got them to explore the -hidden- perceived negatives of getting exactly what they wanted: “What would happen to you if you […]

A Hidden (But Super Common) Cause of Procrastination

Oftentimes, books and coaches suggest procrastination is a result of poor time-management skills… or less-than-stellar work habits… or lack of focus… or laziness… or “just not really wanting it.” What we’ve seen (over and over and over again) this year is a large number of people who avoid work and procrastinate for exactly NONE of […]

Living Life As an Ex-Perfectionist

(And before you ask: Yes, this story is real with no exaggerations) A while back I gave a virtual keynote presentation to a group of entrepreneurs. The moment before the talk started, I watched my desktop freeze. Oh boy. No worries, I’ll just use my laptop. 25 minutes into the conversation, my laptop screen dies. […]

You may actually NOT be an introvert

A guy I know, we’ll call him Sam, worked as a programmer. For nearly a decade and a half, his entire identity was, “I’m an introvert. And I don’t really like people.” He insisted he was an introvert because: he abhorred the idea of going to social events he’d taken many personality tests (including Meyers […]

Those Words Were Being Used About *ME*??

Four and a half years ago I sent an email to 15 people (friends, family, clients) and asked them what words they’d use to describe my Unique Ability. I got words back like… determined… motivated… confident… relentless… committed… brave… incredible listener… dedicated… improver… etc. The words + answers were rather consistent across the board. They […]

The 30-Second, 3-Step Mind Experiment

There’s an incredible little trick I have audiences play on themselves when I’m giving talks. It gets them to realize how their belief structures influence their lives more than their will power, logic, analytical reasoning, or grit. Try it yourself, it’s super easy (though Step #1 is slightly uncomfortable for a moment, sorry — there’s […]

How Over-Thinking Is KEEPING You Stuck. (And How to Stop It)

You’re smart. You can figure things out. So when you get stuck in patterns that don’t serve you, you think and you think and you think about how to get unstuck. You talk it out. Talk it through. Consider all angles. Brainstorm why you’re stuck. Here’s the thing: Neurologists have discovered that when you repeatedly […]

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