MindFix in Action

Today is the day!

If you’ve ever wished you could see MindFix’s work in action…

Here you go.

Spoiler: At the end of this session, the subject shared we made more progress in our 30 minutes together than she had in all her therapy over the past 1.5 years.

An exciting venue…

Ever heard of Capitalism.com? And the incredible Ryan Moran?

This week I was invited to do a LIVE MindFix hotseat session in Ryan Moran’s private “One Percent” group. The hosts, Greg and Bram, introduced me to Elisabeth Stone, who bravely volunteered to be vulnerable in front of a live audience and work through one of her biggest business blocks with me.

Elisabeth and I had never met or talked, yet over the course of a single hour, we figured out one of her biggest blocks, cleared it out, and left her feeling amazing, and blown away.

Watch it all go down, live, on YouTube. (While this content is typically only available within the private One Percent Group, Greg and Bram have generously made this video available to the public.)

The full video clocks in around 1 hr, 12min. (But yep, it’s YouTube, so you can watch at 2x speed)


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