That Thing You “Just Can’t Do?” Here’s Why You Should Never Say Never

You might not even realize it, but you have strong ideas about what you’re capable of. And they’re probably not true.

What would you do if you couldn’t decide on… Well, on pretty much anything?

Despite running an incredibly successful, award-winning design agency, Chris Schell suffered from that very problem—and it led to a pervasive inability to push things forward… Sometimes for hours or even days.

“I used to be a very analytical, ‘think-it-through’ type of person. It would keep me from taking action. I could look at all the options and just overwhelm myself with decision fatigue. Sometimes I’d do nothing because it seemed too hard to decide which course of action to take.”’

Now, on the surface, this doesn’t seem like much of a problem, right? You might be thinking “Big deal. Sometimes I can’t decide what to do either.”

But with Chris, indecision was truly affecting his quality of life. He found himself unable to order from a restaurant menu, for example, or to choose what to wear.

Understandable, really.

In a world where anything and everything is possible, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what the ‘right’ answer is.

It’s hard to move forward when you can’t take the first step

If you’re too committed to finding the correct answer, indecision is going to start getting in the way of your life.

Chris may have found it hard to articulate that truth consciously, but he certainly experienced its effects. For example, he and his wife Jenny (also a MindFix client) found themselves hopelessly stalled in their business.

“We were at this point where we needed to be able to dream about what we wanted,” Chris says. “For 11 years, we were just unable to do that.”

Jenny, for her part, had already discovered that her feelings of low self-worth were subconsciously blocking her outlook on the future—because, deep down, she didn’t believe she deserved anything good.

But with Chris, something else was at play.

Why Chris couldn’t make a decision—and the one decision he did make that changed everything

In an attempt to address what he knew was a problem, Chris tried just about everything he could think of.

He read countless books. Watched YouTube video after YouTube video. Listened to podcasts. Kept a journal as he tried to better understand his patterns. Adopted all sorts of morning routines, productivity systems, and “do this, then this” techniques.

But nothing was working…

Until he saw the life-changing results his wife began experiencing after she began MindFix.

Eventually—after no small amount of thinking it over, naturally—Chris decided to go through the program himself.

“I started to suspect that my challenge wasn’t because I didn’t have the capacity to dream,” he explains. “It was because something was holding me back from doing it.”

So he took the next step and signed up for MindFix.

After some work that was both challenging and rewarding, Chris discovered the hidden reason why he couldn’t bring himself to dream about his future—and it was so simple it seemed almost TOO obvious.

His ability to plan for the future was being directly blocked by his chronic indecision.

We worked to help Chris eliminate that head trash and rid him of years of accumulated, hidden, toxic mental stress.

And getting rid of it proved to have a massive impact.

Here’s what it looks like when you’re free to choose

Like all MindFix clients, Chris kept a small journal while he worked through the MindFix program.

His notes read like those of a man truly becoming himself:

  • “I was able to send out a client revision without needing to get validation that it was the right approach.”
  • “When I decided I needed to get outside after work this week, I just did it—instead of comparing it against all the other things I needed to do.”
  • “I continually asked myself whether a decision or situation needed to be as complicated as I was making it. I found myself saying ‘what if I made this easy?’ and ‘what’s the quickest way to make a choice that makes me feel happy?’ I also kept asking myself, ‘Is there really a bad choice here?’
  • “I was able to ‘go with the flow’ on several occasions on the weekend where I typically would have resisted, tried to overthink or over plan, and might have even been upset that things didn’t go as expected.”

It’s easy to see—as Chris did with surprise and elation—that he was experiencing a groundbreaking shift that would change the path of the rest of his life.

“I used to think I couldn’t make decisions and that making decisions had to be difficult—that they necessarily HAD to be a struggle if they were to mean anything. I used to think that if they weren’t a struggle, then I wasn’t working hard enough.

“But now I have a much more calm, open-minded perspective.

“There’s just no anxiety anymore.”

What the future looks like for Chris

“We’re going to schedule a retreat for us to go and talk about where we want to take the business—something we’d avoided for the past 11 years.

“But even day-to-day—where before we had very little discussion about our future—we find ourselves having daily or weekly talks about it now.

In other words, for Chris, it’s a whole new world.

“I used to get overwhelmed by too many things. Now I can go at any problem with a sense of ease and lightness.

“It’s awesome.”


Erin’s Takeaway

To fully appreciate the impact of the changes Chris made in his life, imagine again that you found it extremely difficult to decide anything.

That might seem like a strange concept. After all, maybe you’re so good at decision-making that you take the process for granted.

But pretend for a second your life wasn’t like that. That, literally, trying to decide what shoes to wear caused you stress.

Now read Chris’ journal entries again. Can you see how liberating it would be to suddenly find yourself free to choose?

If you’d like to experience the same joy and freedom Chris has discovered, apply for MindFix today.


  • What were the top 3 patterns you were hoping to eliminate when you began MindFix?
    1) Over-thinking or over-researching when I already have a gut sense of what to do.
    2) Being uncomfortable deciding on true priorities.
    3) Waiting until everything is perfect before moving forward.
  • Hopeful about future:
  • Are your patterns now gone?

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