2-Week Quick Fix of a Mental Roadblock of your choice that’s holding you back

In Ignite/Breakthrough, we will rapidly, permanently eliminate the most problematic mental barrier(s) holding you back from your most frustrating pattern.

About Ignite/Breakthrough

In Ignite/Breakthrough, we will rapidly, permanently eliminate the biggest mental barrier(s) holding you back from your most problematic, frustrating pattern.

Like our Signature Program, you get 1:1 time working closely with us. Unlike the Signature Program though, this is not an ongoing, multi-week experience.  The one-to-one calls happen over the course of your second week, and during the first week you’ll be completing upfront work to prepare you for your experience.

Ignite/Breakthrough is a perfect fit for people with one major pattern or a couple small challenges holding them back from experiencing incredible results.

These challenges may look like….
  • a sense of never being good enough,
  • deep fear of taking the next step forward,
  • avoiding specific types of tasks that must get done,
  • difficulty in setting boundaries,
  • lacking confidence in one’s abilities despite evidence to the contrary, or even
  • not being able to charge what you’re worth,
  • etc.

We are testing the extreme level of impact we can make in one week with clients who are (seriously) ready for a massive breakthrough. Due to time constraints we’re only be able to accept ~4 – 6 case studies each month.

The Investment

Time investment: This program will require be ~4 – 5 hours of your time over the course of 2 weeks.

Financial investment: The financial investment required for this experience and the transformational results is $2000. Payment in full is required upon acceptance into the program. While there is not a 100% money back guarantee for this program, it is still running an over 96% success rate.

Thanks, and good luck!

Are you ready to go?

If yes, enter your email address into the form below and we will confirm everything looks good with your original application. Your original phone call will be cancelled (scheduled calls are reserved for those looking to explore our full Signature Program), and if you’re accepted, we’ll send you the initial invoice.  After receiving payment, we will get you scheduled in for your Ignite/Breakthrough experience as quickly as possible (timing depends on how far out we’re booked).

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