You may actually NOT be an introvert

A guy I know, we’ll call him Sam, worked as a programmer.

For nearly a decade and a half, his entire identity was, “I’m an introvert. And I don’t really like people.”

He insisted he was an introvert because:

  • he abhorred the idea of going to social events
  • he’d taken many personality tests (including Meyers Briggs) that TOLD HIM he was an introvert
  • the THOUGHT of dinners and parties repulsed him
  • he felt DRAINED after being in crowds / surrounded by people
  • he only had a few close friends
  • he’d only ever had a few close friends, going back to his early years
  • he HATED talking to clients, friends, and family on the phone

Guy sounds like an introvert, yeah?


But then…

He worked with me for a handful of months, and we peeled away a number of layers.

  • We peeled away old belief structures,
  • We peeled away his negative self-talk,
  • We peeled away his need for approval,
  • We peeled away his self-worth’s attachment to needing others to like him,
  • We peeled away his sense of not belonging,
  • We peeled away his life-long feeling of being an outsider…


…lo and behold, this fellow no longerconsiders himself an introvert.

In fact, he CRAVES being around people now.

He gets antsy and frustrated if he goes a day or 2 without connecting with others, without spending time around his new community of friends, or without having conversations with people.

All those tests that say “You are THIS type of person” had pegged him as a life-long, born-introvert. And he’d believed that’s just who he was.

After we peeled away old layers that impacted how he saw the world and saw others he found that at his core he actually DESIRED connection he actually CRAVED being around people and an entire new way of experiencing life and all new possibilities have opened up for him.

This “introvert” now actually finds himself getting his life-batteries CHARGED when he’s around people, not drained.

He’s happier than he’s ever been and it’s been an absolute delight to witness.

What if your identity was completely wrapped up in being something  that you actually, deep down, are NOT?

What if  those personality tests and the way people talk about you and who you think you’ve “just always been” DIDN’T ACTUALLY box you into a corner or define how you  MUST BE for the rest of your life?

You CAN be  more alive, more fulfilled, and more at peace in just a short period of time.

I see it happen every single week.

Isn’t this possibility exciting?

I think so.

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