Uncertainty is THIS (in raw form)

Had a fascinating client session a while back with a fellow who uncovered how his deep fear of uncertainty was keeping him frozen, unable to move forward in business. He truly believed uncertainty was bad and dangerous.

During our MindFix session, he completely eliminated that fear — it’s 100% gone now, and no longer a barrier for him.

But the main points from the conversation that followed are gold, and worth sharing.

The breakthrough this client had was in getting—at a deep, fundamental level—that uncertainty is literally nothing but raw, uncut POSSIBILITY in its purest form.

We talked about all the people who are certain of everything in their lives…

  • The women in other cultures who know they’ll be married to at a specific age and spend their lives tending the home and having children.
  • The kids who know at age 5 what they want to be when they grow up, and that’s the only thing they single-handedly pursue at the expense of ALL OTHER possibilities that present themselves along the journey.
  • The adults we know who all live the same day, every day, day after day after day after day after day. Work, groceries, dinner, sleep, commute, repeat.

With certainty, nothing will happen other than what’s expected. There’s no possibility or space for anything better to show up.

See, once you have certainty that your basic life needs are covered, scrambling to obsessively reduce uncertainty means you’re NARROWING DOWN what’s possible for you.

When things aren’t set in stone and your future is uncertain, you have a lump of clay, not a finished sculpture. You are not chained to anything, you are not on a fixed path you can’t leave.

What if, when you reflected on the uncertainty that currently exists in your world, you basked in the excitement of pure, raw POSSIBILITY—even if only for a couple minutes?

How inspiring could that be…

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