Those Words Were Being Used About *ME*??

Four and a half years ago I sent an email to 15 people (friends, family, clients) and asked them what words they’d use to describe my Unique Ability.

I got words back like…

  • determined…
  • motivated…
  • confident…
  • relentless…
  • committed…
  • brave…
  • incredible listener…
  • dedicated…
  • improver…
  • etc.

The words + answers were rather consistent across the board.

They were the same words my teachers used to describe me as a student.

Lots of energy related to drive and focus.

And then. This weekend.

I spent some deep, focused, quality time with a young woman who’d never met me before.

And the 2 words she used to describe me, both publicly and privately—without prompting— were:

JOYFUL (<— say that italicized)

I remember my eyes popping open and my brain wires getting scrambled when I heard her use those words, repeatedly…

…to describe *ME*.

I remember wondering, “Is she talking about the right person?”

I remember wondering, “Does she perhaps just not know me well enough yet?”

…because those are NOT the words that people have, EVER, historically used to describe *Erin*.

In fact, I grew up regularly getting the message that I was a depressed, self-centered human.

And the messages we repeatedly get while young (especially age 8 and under) absorb into and stay in our subconscious mind as we age.

The messages get woven into our identities until/unless we take action to rework them.

So, hearing “kind and joyful” from a new person in my life gave me a little taste and a little mental rewiring of what my future may just possibly be looking like…

…and illuminated how the work I’ve been doing over the past several years may just possibly be working rather well, thank you very much.

While I’m indeed relentless in tracking the rapid, incredible, mind-blowing progress my CLIENTS make each week, I’m the first to admit that accurately + honestly tracking the progress *I* personally make over time isn’t yet one of my strengths.

AND YET, it’s rather exciting to be hit over the head with signs of progress and realize I may just possibly already be becoming the version of the human I long dreamed of becoming.

It’s never too late to change.

It’s never too late to transform.

Change doesn’t HAVE to take a long time.

Change doesn’t HAVE to be difficult.

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