The Super-Fast, 3-Step, Out-of-Body Negative-Emotion Hack (AKA Free Yourself From Any Bad Feeling In Less Than 2 Minutes)

Not everyone is able to work with my team to completely clear out the root causes of why they repeatedly experience counterproductive, “bad” feelings.

So, next time you experience an emotion you can’t seem to shake, try this mental band-aid for a bit of temporary relief:


Sit somewhere quiet (if possible) and close your eyes.

Imagine you float up out of your body, weightlessly up into the air. You want to imagine yourself completely out of your body, up in the air, looking BACK AT YOURSELF. (Do this step correctly and you’ll be looking down at your situation from an outside observer’s perspective.) Stay here and watch your real self and your situation from this up-in-the-air perspective.

Within 60 seconds, notice your feelings begin to change—significantly. Continue for 1 – 2 minutes as the feelings continue to shift and melt away.

Emotion still kinda hanging around? Give this hack an extra boost of power by imagining you float out of your body AGAIN. This means you’ll do step 2, then do step 2 AGAIN. Do this correctly and you’ll be imagining yourself looking at yourself… looking at yourself. There will be you, an imagined-you looking at you… then a 2nd imagined-you looking at the first imagined-you, looking at the real you.

This hack:

  • is NOT a permanent solution.
  • will NOT fix your challenges.
  • will NOT address the root causes of your distresses.

However, it CAN temporarily take sting of strong negative emotions off nearly any minor-to-moderate situation you encounter during a typical day.

Give it a shot, keep it in your toolbelt, and enjoy.

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