The Magic To-Do List Hack That Changes Everything

(Learned this years ago and it’s 🔥.)

Here you go:

Sometimes, you just look at your to-do list and freeze.
You loaded it up with too much.
Everything on it seems important.
What should you do first?
You don’t FEEL like doing any of it.

Most people who find themselves facing an overwhelming to-do list end up auto-gravitating towards whatever is *easiest*—NOT what will make the most impact or set them up for success.

This typically results in 2 outcomes:

  1. an ever-lengthening to-do list and
  2. an invisible, building sense of dread (as larger, less pleasant tasks get continually put off and begin to stack up).

So. What’s an entrepreneur or high achiever to do?

Here’s the hack that changes the entiiiiiiiiiiiire game.


  1. Scan your to-do list.
  2. For each item, close your eyes (<– don’t skip this step) and take a few seconds to imagine what it would feel like if this item were suddenly DONE.
  3. Move forward with the item that brings the most noticeable sensation of joy, satisfaction, or relief.


1. The feeling of joy or satisfaction gives you “pull” motivation. It gives you something awesome to work TOWARD. (Without this hack, you may be staring at your list and feeling dread about doing the work, so you’re working to get AWAY from that feeling.)

2a. Your subconscious is aware of what will have the biggest impact on your energy and emotions. It’s just difficult as all get out to hear to your inner wisdom when you’re staring at a massive list and your primitive brain is screaming, “YOU MUST DO IT ALL, RIGHT NOW!!!”

2b. This hack lets you connect with the part of you that knows the right thing to do (vs. letting the part of you that wants to quick dopamine hit of checking something off the list — the part of you that wants to feel good in the moment more than it wants what will skyrocket you forward and bring you momentum in the long run.

And there you have.


Try it out next time you find yourself staring at a to-do list saying to yourself, “Shit. NOW what??”.

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