The 3-Sided Phone Call That Got Me To See EVERYTHING Differently

Sooooo… there was no away around it. I was BOMBING the call. 


Waaaaay back (when I was starting my training on how to permanently eliminate people’s headtrash), I had a practice/training call with a friend that was being monitored by a mentor.

And I was bombing it.

I was saying the wrong things.

I couldn’t remember the exact sequence.

My friend (aka “test subject”) was confused, and wasn’t sure how to answer my questions.


So I finally said, 

“Let’s just STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Let’s just PLEASE end the call!!!!!!!!! 

“I’m obviously sucking at this, we’re obviously not getting anywhere, I obviously didn’t train enough.”

My friend was quiet for a moment.

Then she suddenly burst into laughter.

“REALLY? That’s hilarious. This whole time I’ve been going through this call I’ve just been thinking how *I* suck and that I should be HELPING you but I’m really just hurting you and this is all MY fault.”

By the time she’d finished her sentence, my mentor (who was listening in on the call to help me with training) was laughing. Loudly.

He finished laughing and burst out, “This is too hilarious. I’ve been listening to you two go back and forth and the whole time I was thinking, “WOW!! This is AWESOME!! What an incredible learning experience! It sure would have been unfortunate if this call had been an easy one because Erin wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn anything…”


It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Something I’d read a million times 
FINALLY “clicked” in my brain:

We go through our lives, attaching our own story/conclusion to 

we have. 

Tens of thousands of times a day. 

We then—in an INSTANT—immediately begin acting, feeling emotions, experiencing self-talk, and making decisions as if the first conclusion we come to is *THE* TRUTH and the only truth. 

Just like how my first conclusion (when my friend was struggling to answer my questions) was, “Obviously I’m just bad at this and it’s not worth anyone’s time to continue.”

I believed my conclusion instantly.

And I started acting like it was true. (“Let’s END this call.”)

Are you able to catch yourself—just ONCE—today, reaching a conclusion and then instantly believing it?

Try it.
Catching yourself.
Just once.

  • Catch yourself concluding, “He hates me” when you don’t get an email. (Could he have forgotten?)
  • Catch yourself concluding, “She’s a slacker” when your employee misses a deadline. (What else might be going on?)
  • Catch yourself concluding, “I suck” when you don’t meet an expectation you arbitrarily concocted for yourself. (What else might explain what happened?)

If you can catch yourself…

and then you list other POSSIBLE stories/conclusions…

…you instantly open up options that didn’t exist before. 

The best part? —> Everything can change when you suddenly have possibilities in front of you that didn’t exist previously.

Doing this is taking a first step toward being able to THINK, DAILY, in a totally different manner.

It’s small step forward for those of us that get locked into (re)acting the same way even when we don’t want to, day after day, week after week, even when we know it’s not good for us….

Give it a shot. 
And watch what comes up.
Enjoy. 🙂

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