Sorry Erin, You’re Just Not Tony Robbins

Earlier this year I waited six weeks to have a 20-minute video call with a fellow who’d previously managed $1.5+ BILLION in assets and is considered a global leader in the financial services industry.

In addition to money and investment advice, his clients and followers pay to receive advice from him and his trusted connections/experts each month on lifestyle and happiness. He and I were speaking to see if I might be able to provide a fresh new take to his followers on mindset/personal development/happiness.

Within 3 minutes of talking about how my team creates CONSISTENT transformation for our clients…

…I watched his eyes slightly glaze over.

… I watched him sit back into his chair
and give a slight sigh.

  • He didn’t seem to care about our 95%+ success rate.
  • He didn’t seem to care our clients were getting unstuck in a handful of WEEKS after nothing had happened in 20+ YEARS of therapy for them.
  • He didn’t seem to care that people who’d previously tried EVERYTHING were saying this was the first thing that had truly worked for them, ever.

So, I just stopped talking.

I looked at him.

I said, “None of this matters to you, does it?”

He smiled kindly and shook his head.

“No. Look Erin, I have people like Tony Robbins on speed dial. And plus, I probably know over 100 life coaches. I’m SURE what you do is great, but honestly, it just DOESN’T MATTER how effective you are. You aren’t a household name like Tony. And like I said, I already know a LOT of life coaches. They give good advice in this area. I’m sorry. I do need to get heading out to dinner though… it was lovely to meet you.”

6 weeks of waiting…and the call ended with me getting lumped into the “life coach” bucket.

YEARS AGO—when I still had tons of head trash cluttering things up—this call would have DESTROYED me.

Years ago I would have hung up and immediately started fearing…

  • I’m not good enough.
  • What’s the point? I’m not Tony Robbins.
  • I obviously can’t play ball with the heavy hitters.
  • You’re a no-one.
  • Important people will never respect you.

The coooooooooooolest thing is that I took my own mindfixmedicine/did my own work, and now those types of thoughts JUST DON’T OCCUR TO me.

At all.

INSTEAD, the thoughts that immediately came to my (headtrash-cleared) mind were…

  • Maybe he wasn’t the right connection for me.
  • Maybe I should tweak my messaging; he seemed to think that what I do is the same as what a life coach does.
  • WHAT can I say differently on my next big call that will prevent the other person from putting me in a “stuff I’ve heard before” bucket?
  • If he values famous over effective, there’s not a whole lot you can do about that right now—doesn’t mean you did anything wrong there.

I didn’t have to reframe anything or do any mental gymnastics or TRY to think differently—these were the things that came to my mind without any effort.

So, I immediately went off and had a lovely dinner myself, then got to work on tweaking my messaging later that month to ensure it was clear I am NOTHING like a life coach.

The gold for you to take away from this is this:


Your productivity, effectiveness in life, and your business’s success are functions of the:


I know
I know
I know.

You’re sitting there thinking…


lol. I get it.

I never could. (I’d tried my entire life.)


Here’s the answer:

You can’t just turn the faucet off on harmful thoughts because they’re actually SYMPTOMS of something else completely.

They’re symptoms of…headtrash*.

And when you clear out the headtrash, those thoughts that sabotage your productivity, self-esteem, and effectiveness…

…just start to flat-out go away.

You focus on the root CAUSE of the issues, not the symptoms, and everything changes.

“Big” phone calls that go wrong—like the one I had—don’t bother you.

You don’t stumble when things don’t go as planned.

You just keep moving forward with incredible momentum because nothing’s there to cause friction and doubt.

If you’ve ever struggled to stop “thinking negatively” — it’s okay.

You’re not alone.

Almost no one can do that. (Seriously — how many people do you know that can do that without suppression/denial?)

You’re just focused on the wrong thing.

When you work on clearing out the headtrash* and the old programs and the tapes looping in the back of your head 24/7… the thoughts that cause you so much pain day in and day out…

just go away.

And that’s a lovely thing to experience, indeed.

non-famous Erin

* headtrash = Stuff that clutters up your mind, such as old mental programming, thought loops, belief patterns, stuff you picked up when you were younger, past traumatic events, etc.

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