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There is ONE type of person I find so toxic I filter them out of my life completely: Victims.

I do not accept them as clients. I am not friends with them. I will not spend my time with them. It is TOXIC to remain in the same environment as those who point to all the bad that’s happened to them as the REASON WHY their present and future are doomed. Now, we have […]

Ending a week that began with sorrow and loss……with celebration and joy.

– If anyone’s caught me grumbling the past 6 weeks, there’s a 99.9% chance that grumbling was related to me working on a lil’ talk. Welllllllllllllll, I’m happy to share all that effort ended up being way worth it: Gave the new talk to a couple hundred amazing people in ballroom in downtown Denver yesterday, […]

A Tough Week

Monday was VERY difficult. There were tears. Tuesday, I lost one of my best friends. Forever. Wednesday, I experienced a potentially major setback in my multi-year battle against physical pain. Thursday, I learned my mentor—who I work closely with and love with all my heart—was in a horrific car accident and is now in the […]

Normalization Dysfunction

Diagnosis: kinda like Erectile Dysfunction. (Except you can’t take a pill to make it go away and it impacts more than your penis.) I call it Normalization Dysfunction. ND. It’s impacting at least 6 of my friends/colleagues right now. I know it’s super embarrassing for them to go through. It’s hard for them to talk […]

What scares you… makes others smile (or even dance).

What frightens you... pumps others up. What you INSIST is absolutely horrible... looks like a goldmine to somebody else.

Curated Notes (Life + Business Lessons) from a 5-figure Power Mastermind in Dallas This Week…

Couldn’t join us to sit amongst brilliant business minds this week in sweltering Dallas? That’s ok. I took lots of notes. Then I pared them down to just the gold nuggets for you. Here you go. 1. The BEST shortcut to experiencing rapid insights and growth = spending time in rooms where everyone is waaaay […]

Here’s Why “Just Think Different!” Is Crap Advice

While the words you use with yourself ARE important, general advice to simply "think/believe something different!" is no better than telling someone "If you're left-handed, just start being right-handed!"

Erin Featured on Today’s Business Leaders Podcast.

TBL Episode 59: How Mindset and Commitment Impact Entrepreneurship More about the episode can found on the Business Marketing Engine website >

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