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How to stop being blind to your own progress

The “after” photo = me. Yesterday. After 2 months of hard work. Think I would have immediately felt great about my progress? Nope. As I was laying there testing my tight hip flexors, my first thoughts were… “This feels SO TIGHT.” “I still don’t feel flexible.” “This feels hard.” I was comparing my experience *in […]

Erin’s guest appearance on WealthFit

Woooot! My guest appearance on the WealthFit show just launched. I was interviewed alongside the likes NY Times bestseller Garrett Gunderson, 7x Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, FinCon founder PT Taylor, and one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time and Seal Team Six member Rob O’Neil. Focus of the interview? It likely won’t shock […]

Walking over money on the ground

I know EXACTLY where you are going to walk today—-and I’ve secretly placed an unfolded $20 bill down on your path. Think you’d…. 1) see it and 2) pick it up, if you did see it? Nearly everyone PREDICTS they’d do both 1 + 2. But only a subset of people actually DO when this […]

THIS is what happens when we blindly believe others’ stories

“You get an EASY extra 8-figures this year if we do this well. Just tell me what your damn budget is….” ….is what I was THINKING… but one doesn’t talk like that to the representative of a national *household brand* while negotiating a new partnership… But. This fellow was being difficult. I’d asked about his […]

THIS is what not being okay with yourself can look like.

When you doubt your worth as a person, part of you will expend an exorbitant amount of effort trying to continually PROVE your worth to yourself and others.

Am I getting in my own way?

Good question. Here you go: You REALLY know you’re getting in your own way when you keep collecting more info and changing your actions…. but getting the same results. This means another book, training, video, therapy session, etc. WON’T solve the problem long-term. This means the barrier isn’t outside of you. It IS you. 😉 […]

“Your text made me feel crappy.”

A text, a comment, a remark can't MAKE YOU feel crappy. There's no gun to your head. You are CONSTANTLY (all day long) choosing what people's comments and words mean to you.

We’re More Than Our Bad Decisions, and Mistakes.

It’s December. It’s cold. And I’m in a concrete room with no windows flanked by 2 security guards who have no clue what to do with me. There I was, compulsively rocking back and forth like one of those possessed dolls in a horror flick, atop a broken plastic chair, beneath 2 flickering fluorescent lights, […]

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