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Which of the Two Types of Entrepreneurial Roadblocks Are Holding You Back?

Nearly all entrepreneurial roadblocks fall into one of two buckets. So long as your challenges fall into Bucket #1, you’re okay. It’s figure-outable. If more and more of your roadblocks are coming from Bucket #2 though, you need to call a Time-Out and reassess 🗑️THE TWO BUCKETS 🗑 🗑️ BUCKET #1 — Roadblocks in this bucket […]

How the Activities You’re So Damn Good at Can Sabotage Your Success

16 years ago I was a kid with a little web company who wrote an article a week for for the local county newspaper in hopes of getting new clients. In exchange for a handful of print advertisements each month, I was the Summit Daily‘s computer and tech and website columnist. [sidenote: I also spelled […]

The 6 Words That Separate You From Negative Thoughts, Keep You From Blindly Jumping To Conclusions + Build Instant Self-Awareness

You and I, thousands of times a day, mindlessly engage in one harmful habit: A disempowering thought or judgement will cross our mind, and then… WE INSTANTLY BELIEVE IT’S TRUE. Yea. Not always a great thing to do. “John definitely does not like me.” “I don’t deserve to speak at this event.” “It would be […]

What a 7-Figure Solopreneur Taught Me About “Never Enough”

I CAN’T be okay or happy with where I’m at, because then I’ll get complacent and won’t do anything. I’ll stop getting better!!! I’ll have no drive to improve and grow!!! Yeah, I used to think that too. Then I befriended a fellow named Jeff* a few years ago. He self-built a business that generated […]

The One Easy Question I Use To Massively Improve the Results I Get On Business Phone Calls

I have a magic question I ask in the first 60 seconds of ~80% of the business phone calls I have. WITH this magic question I ensure the person I’m speaking to will hang up feeling happy and will be better off than before they spoke with me. WITHOUT this question phone calls often devolve […]

The Horrific, Hidden Destructiveness of HAVING to Be Nice To Others

My right ankle doesn’t bend as much as my left – causing imbalances, injuries, wear/tear, movement limitations, and pain across my body over the years. One of the reasons for my ankle’s limitation? My physical therapist was a hardcore People Pleaser. After ~3 months of appointments, three times/week, diligently following her instructions, I had a […]

Making shitty use of my time…

A couple of weeks ago I was struggling. I was trying to write something. I had spent 2+ hours on the project, and written FOUR variations, and deleted 3.5 of them. I had been eating and sleeping poorly for four days straight, and both my body and mind were at relatively low points. My creativity […]

I used to make all the parents feel INCREDIBLY awkward when I was a kid.

I had this thing with my sports activities where I’d walk up to the front of the room when my name was called to collect my trophy or medal… …but instead of smiling and accepting it like all the other kids… I would pause, wait for the clapping to die down, scan the room, then […]

11 Lessons Learned From My (Third) Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation, Hanging with a Billionaire, and Being Away From Home For The Longest Time in 10+ Years.

1. Too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing I snowboarded more world-class, untouched powder runs in the last 2.5 weeks than most skiers get to experience in multiple lifetimes. By the end of my second week I started becoming numb to them. An activity that would have registered as unbelievable […]

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