Most of Us Have it All Backwards

If we fear we’re a failure, we’ll find evidence of it.

If we fear a spouse isn’t faithful, we’ll find evidence of it.

If we think our business is going to fail, we’ll see evidence of it.

And we’ll see/find evidence everywhere.

Example: I know a fellow who had a 100% close rate on his new biz dev calls last week – but because his deepest fear is that his business is going to fail he insisted the winning streak was just a fluke. He felt zero joy that it had happened.

Most people think they experience fear based on what they see.

The TRUTH, though, is that our fears actually DETERMINE what we think we see.


As humans, we go about our lives continually and constantly verifying our worst fears.

And we do this whether our fears are real or not.

Most people never get this.

My hope is that you’re able to grasp onto this truth today.

Even for just a moment.

Your world’s perspective can change drastically when you do.

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