She Didn’t Just Get “Unstuck”—She Doubled Her Business. (And You Can Too.)

Who says exponential growth has to take a long time? This entrepreneur’s story shows that when you get out of your own way, anything is possible.

Sarah after MindFix:
“My business has doubled—and actually, profit has way MORE than doubled. And this is only the beginning, because I feel literally unstoppable.”

Sarah MuellerWhat would it feel like to double your business almost instantly? Can you imagine?

Go ahead.

Think of how much you earn per month.

Now multiply that number by two… and picture seeing it on the balance sheet just a few short weeks from now.

That’s exactly what happened to Sarah Mueller after she went through the MindFix program.

Ever feel like you could be doing more?

In many ways, Sarah was your “typical” high-achiever.

She ran a great business that had experienced a good deal of success. She had a more than sizeable online following comprised of tens of thousands of fans who listened to her closely. And she had done it all while raising four boys, aged 7 to 18.

Despite all this—like most MindFix clients—she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was holding her business back.

“I hired a business coach and went through their system, but that was a complete waste of time and money.

“Super frustrating—and it didn’t get me anywhere.”

So when a friend told Sarah about MindFix—and the groundbreaking results that she and her own business had gotten from the program—Sarah dove in.

If you’re unable to level up, it might be your mind that’s to blame

Once Sarah started working with MindFix, it quickly became clear what was blocking her success. Head trash.

“I discovered I had never really felt ‘good enough.’ That I felt unworthy of attention. That I had no value.

“I wouldn’t have ever said I struggled with those things, but in doing the MindFix work I realized that yes, I felt exactly that way.”

So we got to work.

And we didn’t just mask those beliefs, or help Sarah ‘cope’ with them—we got rid of them completely. Plus we worked to help her get rid of the accumulated subconscious stress and trauams that had been weighing her down for years.

The result?

“A lack of fear… That’s been one of the most obvious changes for me. ‘

“I still might think ‘Oh I could screw this up,’ but the accompanying anxiety just isn’t there.

“Because now I realize that making mistakes has nothing to do with me being good enough. My value is my value.

What the future looks like for Sarah

By the time Sarah had gotten halfway through the program, a massive opportunity presented itself.

Suddenly the woman who used to shy away from the spotlight was given the chance to be part of a high-visibility initiative—one that eventually saw her featured in a national advertising campaign.

“My business and I got tons of publicity. USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Motley Fool, the list goes on. Sales skyrocketed—and it was all because I was able to take just a few steps forward.”

And, yes—things look a lot different for Sarah now.

“My business has doubled. Actually, profit has way more than doubled. And this is only the beginning—because I’ve just started.

“The beliefs and issues that had me stuck? They’re gone.

“And I feel literally unstoppable.”

Erin’s Takeaway

It’s not uncommon for high-achievers to feel disatisfied with where they are in life. But to push through that, many of them focus on two things:

  1. What’s happened in the past, and
  2. How to think differently about past events.

But at MindFix, we get at the root cause of problems.

We uncover the erroneous beliefs and thought patterns that explain why something happened in the first place.

Then we simply eliminate those beliefs… With incredible results.

With Sarah, that meant the ability to say “yes” to massive publicity—and a flood of extra revenue.

What could it mean for you? If you think you’d like to experience similar results, apply for MindFix.


  • Able to deal with daily events:
  • Hopeful about future:
    “I’m not hoping. I know it will only get better.”
  • Do you feel MindFix helped you achieve the specific breakthroughs you were hoping for?

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