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Uncertainty is THIS (in raw form)

Had a fascinating client session a while back with a fellow who uncovered how his deep fear of uncertainty was keeping him frozen, unable to move forward in business. He truly believed uncertainty was bad and dangerous. During our MindFix session, he completely eliminated that fear — it’s 100% gone now, and no longer a […]

Language gives clues

There’s a massive difference between… (1) someone who says “She ruined my entire day…” and (2) someone who says “I have a hard time being around her…” Notice the first statement blames someone else for an internal experience. The second statement takes ownership. Someone who makes the first statement feels angry and experiences powerlessness — […]

“You are a Vampire-Giraffe”

Yep. A Vampire-Giraffe. So, question: If I put this “quote” in cursive and slapped it on a pretty background of a sunset and told you read this 100x/day… …AND I told you that if you TRULY believed it you’d double your wealth and increase your happiness by 10x…. HOW MANY DAYS would it take until […]

How often are you ruthlessly asking yourself “IS WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW GOING TO GET ME WHERE I WANT TO BE 3 MONTHS FROM NOW?”

If you’re like most of the population, the honest answer looks something like “…erm, no.” This week alone I came across… A woman spending HOURS agonizing over which shade of blue to use in her new logo’s text. She posted multiple posts and gathered hundreds of opinions from random people who weren’t in her target […]

Reflecting on our CLIENTS’ Wins in 2019

2019 was an amazing year – for our clients. And I want to celebrate those joys. Here are a few of our favorite MindFix client wins in 2019. 🌟 There was the Colorado entrepreneur who ran a successful business for over a decade but was stuck at 6-figures in annual revenue. Saw no possibility for […]

Sorry Erin, You’re Just Not Tony Robbins

Earlier this year I waited six weeks to have a 20-minute video call with a fellow who’d previously managed $1.5+ BILLION in assets and is considered a global leader in the financial services industry. In addition to money and investment advice, his clients and followers pay to receive advice from him and his trusted connections/experts […]

You Didn’t Start Acting This Way the Day You Came Out of Your Mom

I have a friend who’s in several Entrepreneur masterminds… but confessed to me he never feels comfortable in them. I was actually shocked to hear this successful CEO doesn’t feel comfortable around other people (who aren’t his family or super close friends) in general, almost all the time. He feels weird, like he can’t fully […]

Why the people who want to change the most often have the hardest time changing

Some people want to change, or heal, or get better, or improve SO badly… …they try and invest in EVERYTHING. They take the courses, read the books, visit all the professionals, sign up for all the seminars. They bounce from tactic to tactic to tactic, investing their time and money into things that appear to […]

As an adult, you can uncover clues about ‘Why You Are the Way You Are’ when you listen to your parents talk

I remember getting a text from my mom on the way home from the gym a few weeks ago. At the beginning of a particularly booked-out week, she’d asked if I wanted to catch up on the phone and talk. I told her it wasn’t a good week to talk, I was unusually slammed, but […]

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