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This year is going to be so different. All the kids are gonna like me this year!!!

[Loud fail buzzer…. Nope.] I never looked forward to Jan. 1 as a kid—instead, I got pumped about the possibility of a fresh start every September on the first day of school. I’d get SO pumped because SURELY summer vacation would clear the slate, and all the kids would just conveniently FORGET they hated my […]

We’re all blind to this.

So last night, I THOUGHT my CPA had made a typo. Surely he’d MEANT to write “$8,000” in his email. Nope. He ACTUALLY meant it when he wrote, “Go ahead and write a ‘make-up’ check for $88,000 this week, Erin.” Um, that WAS NOT part of the plan. I hired him this year and paid […]

Erin Interviewed by Landon Porter

Landon Porter is known as THE “sales therapist”. A business strategist, a sales coach, a client acquisition expert, Landon is the founder of Silverback Media and the well known Sales Gorilla brand. “Friday Night Live” (aka FNL) is Landon’s weekly deep dive interview that he typically ONLY shares with his private group members — but […]

I’m on a mission and I will not be stopped

In the middle of a sentence during an interview last week, the interviewer abruptly interrupted me and said (rather aggressively) “STOP. JUST, STOP. You’re trying to tell me you stop people fr om worrying about things they’ve worried about their ENTIRE LIVES…in a matter of HOURS? Are you ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY saying that….?” ………silence………… I froze […]

The ONE thing that gets us such incredible results at MindFix?

Lately I’ve been getting asked about the secrets behind HOW my new business has grown SO quickly. Friends, strangers, followers, and colleagues have been asking how—in BARELY OVER 1/2 A YEAR—my weeks continue to be filled with too-good-to-be-true occurrences like…. having 2 top business coaches/mentors approaching and pitching ME — to work with THEM. being […]

How to stop being blind to your own progress

The “after” photo = me. Yesterday. After 2 months of hard work. Think I would have immediately felt great about my progress? Nope. As I was laying there testing my tight hip flexors, my first thoughts were… “This feels SO TIGHT.” “I still don’t feel flexible.” “This feels hard.” I was comparing my experience *in […]

Erin’s guest appearance on WealthFit

Woooot! My guest appearance on the WealthFit show just launched. I was interviewed alongside the likes NY Times bestseller Garrett Gunderson, 7x Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, FinCon founder PT Taylor, and one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time and Seal Team Six member Rob O’Neil. Focus of the interview? It likely won’t shock […]

Walking over money on the ground

I know EXACTLY where you are going to walk today—-and I’ve secretly placed an unfolded $20 bill down on your path. Think you’d…. 1) see it and 2) pick it up, if you did see it? Nearly everyone PREDICTS they’d do both 1 + 2. But only a subset of people actually DO when this […]

THIS is what happens when we blindly believe others’ stories

“You get an EASY extra 8-figures this year if we do this well. Just tell me what your damn budget is….” ….is what I was THINKING… but one doesn’t talk like that to the representative of a national *household brand* while negotiating a new partnership… But. This fellow was being difficult. I’d asked about his […]

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