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What invisible rules are quietly running YOU?

There’s an amazing fellow who’s made over $10 million dollars online with a team of only 6 people, all while working just 3 days/week. I listened to him being interviewed on a podcast recently. At one point the interviewer interjects, incredulously, with something like… “But wait, don’t you feel GUILTY for making so much money […]

MindFix Founder Erin Pheil Interviewed by Alan Masters

In late 2019, Erin was flown to Oregon to be interviewed in Part 2 of a 2-hour episode by Alan Masters at the Foundation for Human Understanding — a faith based organization interested in reducing human suffering and improving the human condition. During the interview, Erin tells the story of her chronic pain years and […]


Had a bit of a “HOLY COW THIS IS MY LIFE” moment recently while drinking my tea. I sat here in my kitchen, reflecting on the sheer amount of AMAZINGNESS I’ve attracted — a phoenix-level rebirth of flow and possibility after the explosions, chaos, and devastation that categorized my 2020… I reflected upon how… ⭐ […]

I’m crying. No need to feel sorry for me.

I’ve been crying. A whole lot, lately. I’ve been grieving the loss of someone important to me. When I was younger, I would have thought my crying was an indicator that something was wrong with me — and that I needed to suck it up and STOP. Now, I recognize my sadness as a healthy […]

How To Change Others’ Minds (And Your Own)

Researchers at Stanford once grabbed a group of students and split them into 2 groups: 1 group in favor of capital punishment (it DETERS crime!) 1 group against capital punishment (it has NO EFFECT on crime!) Both groups had to respond to 2 written studies: One study provided data in support of capital punishment, and […]


I Was Today-Years-Old When I Finally Understood Why the Hell I’d Ever Want to Feel Anger. I preach the importance of feeling the “full rainbow” of emotions. But for the longest time I’ve been a partial-hypocrite because I secretly treated anger differently than all other emotions. I saw it as completely useless and I rarely […]

Cringeworthy Advice About Imposter Syndrome

I got my weekly email from one of the better-known coaches in the world. I was completely shocked. In it he was talking about Imposter Syndrome (if you’re a business owner, consultant, expert, coach, or athlete, you know exactly what I’m talking about). He had shot a video to share 3 pieces of advice that […]

MEAN BRAIN annnnd…….Oh Yeah, That Book Everyone’s Been Suggesting I Write…

Recently I sat down in front of my fireplace and read through a journal I’d kept 12 years ago. Holy shit was I cruel to myself. My self-commentary was blistering. Scathing. Overflowing with contempt and disgust…all at myself. It was difficult to read. It was painful to re-experience my old me’s “mean brain” beating myself […]

If I don’t have it all planned out, I’m screwed

This seems to be an underlying—yet dominating—way of thinking held by many of the MindFix clients we’ve worked with. “But I don’t know HOW to grow my business to 7 figures…” “I’m not clear on where I’m going to be 5 years from now, so I’m totally lost; I don’t have my future figured out…” […]

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