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Below, we have a handful of important questions for you. Your honest answers will help us make the absolute best use of your time on our call. Your responses will be kept 100% confidential and will not be seen by ANYONE outside of The MindFix Group.

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You’re likely a good fit if you’re…

  • a high achiever / performer
  • an entrepreneur, business owner, someone excelling in the corporate world, or athlete–with a big vision of success
  • excited about committing 1 – 3 hours/week to (literally) change your life
  • passionate about improving and investing money + time into yourself
  • someone who takes ownership of your life

You’re likely NOT a good fit if you…

  • blame others for what’s happening in your life
  • are fine with where you are in life (no drive to grow or achieve more)
  • don’t feel giddy and excited about the possibility of leveling up
  • aren’t willing to look into your past to gain insights into your present
  • do not have the financial capacity to invest in changing your life