(About MindFix Select)

MindFix Select Private Letter

A short little letter to you from Erin…

Howdy.  🙂

From now through Monday, Feb 5th, you have an opportunity to experience a piece of MindFix’s magic for WAY less than we’ve ever offered (and may ever offer again).



I’ve never done this before, and may never do so again. 

I’m doing this as a way to say thank you to all the people who read, comment, and share your challenges and wins with me on Facebook. 

NO ONE ELSE is being invited to this offer.

Plus, I have new team members helping me now, so I’m able to help even more people than I could in the past. 

This is NOT the MindFix Signature program.

It is the same powerful change technology—over a shortened period of time. Same excellent results likely, just on fewer issues.

And if this one-time low cost alone doesn’t entice you, perhaps this free gift will do the trick?

* Double-Bonus: Align Your Conscious + Subconscoius

We have two tools bundled into one super-tool to help align your subconscious mind with your conscious — in effect, “aiming the brain” towards where YOU want to go.  Everyone who’s accepted into MindFix Select will receive this gift upon graduation. It’s incredibly powerful and in the past has ONLY been available to our paying clients as part of their MindFix Signature programs.

This valuable double-tool is yours forever upon your completion of MindFix Select.  

People have been emailing us with their jaws on the ground, completely blown away by how powerful this double-tool is. You’re gonna love it.


Ready to see the details about MindFix Select?


Learn about MindFix Select now >


Talk soon.


P.S. This special offers ends FOREVER Monday, 2/4 at midnight MT.  Miss the deadline and there’s nothing we can do.

P.P.S. This offer may fill and be withdrawn at any time, without notice. Sorry, but the way we do this powerful change work means there are hard limits to how many clients we can accept. 🙁